Pre-primaries to go

STIRLING council has moved to demolish three former pre-primary buildings on its land.

At its last monthly meeting, the council decided that the buildings on Inverness Crescent in Menora, Carcoola Street in Nollamara, and Wrigley Street in Dianella were no longer needed.

The Alexander Park pre-primary was built in 1940, and was leased out to the WA education department until 2012 when it became vacant.

A council report found the timber and asbestos building was in poor condition. It would cost $550,000 to repair, or just $55,000 to smash down.

• The pre-primary in Menora which is slated for demolition.

• The pre-primary in Menora which is slated for demolition.

The council’s planning and recreation departments say once demolished, the site could be incorporated into neighbouring Alexander Park.

Dianella residents won’t be so lucky, as the council wants to redevelop the Wrigley Street site for housing.

The council says it will cost $80,000 to demolish the building, but says it won’t be removing any of the healthy, mature trees. That’ll be  up to the developers.

The council is yet to determine what it will do with the Nollamara site, with the planning department noting that it will be “undertaking a project during the 2016/17 financial year for the Nollamara Centre”.


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