Station plan unpopular

MOST residents living near the proposed West Perth fire station are dead against the plan.

WA’s planning department has the final say on the proposed station at 27 Carr Street, but Vincent city council is handling the public consultation.

The city got 56 submissions; nine were in favour, two were “general concerns” and 45 people were opposed. The city now bundles that up and sends it off to the planning department.

Locals say they’re worried about noise and traffic from the station and how trucks are going to make it to fires on time given the clogged roads around Charles and Newcastle Street.

They also raised concerns about hazardous materials being stored on the site.

Fire and emergency services north east superintendent Brad Miles says all materials “stored onsite for training and response purposes are typical for a metropolitan fire station”.

He says “career firefighters are specially trained to drive emergency vehicles through inner city areas” and adds it’ll keep local residents safer.


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2 responses to “Station plan unpopular

  1. I don’t doubt that all the chemicals and materials “stored onsite for training and response purposes are typical for a metropolitan fire station” as stated by FESA superintendent, Brad Miles in this article. That is what is extremely concerning! The issue here is that the location selected for the fire station in question is NOT typical, being in such close proximity to residential properties. The statement made demonstrates that residents’ concerns are not understood.

  2. Well I have had fire stn 400 mtrs away and go past side of my house for 20 yrs with ear damage from sirens10 times a day,driven ,me mad,fire stn now relocating,god bless.written letters and told fire mob in no uncertain terms to shut the–#@Ef up,they dont need all that noise,now seeking compensation for impact on my life.

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