Council heeds call to cap cafe patrons

A PROPOSAL to triple patron numbers at a Coogee Street cafe has divided the Mount Hawthorn community.

It was standing room only at this week’s Vincent council meeting as about 20 residents rose to speak for and against Jazz Cellar boss Roy Burton’s application to increase the cafe’s size from 15 to 40 patrons.

Councillors rejected the application eight to one, citing parking troubles, unrest and noise in a residential area. Ros Harley was the only councillor in support.

Mr Burton has owned the building for 30 years and already has approval for a 15-patron cafe. He says without the extra customers, the business won’t be viable.

Nearby video shop owner Mel Pisani-McInerney was all for the cafe.

“The thing that the cafe will bring is the possibility of jobs, employment to the area,” Ms Pisani-McInerney said.

“I have six employees, all local, all walk to and from the Mezz, who don’t use their car. Now, I have a dying business, technology’s overtaking me. I will eventually close my doors in years to come and have to say no to more jobs in the area.

“In a slowing economy I’m actually thankful that I’m walking past activity in the area, I love to see something up and coming like a cafe.”

Ms Pisani-McInerney says she’s turning away jobseekers every week and implored the council to approve the expansion.

Others said a bit of liveliness was exactly why they lived in Mt Hawthorn, while noise and parking troubles headlined the complaints against.


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