LETTERS 4.6.16


Careful what you wish for
I RESPECT the opinions and feelings expressed by some of the Carr Street residents who are concerned about the proposed West Perth fire station (“Fired up”, Voice, May 28, 2016).
I live on Loftus Street and I would certainly prefer a fire station to be built next to me instead of crowded flats (multiple dwellings) that will cause parking problems, increased noise etc.
A fire station will benefit all community members, not just the developers who are churning out poor quality, expensive housing that is being bought by investors who are not interested in the community.
The Carr Street venue is perfect to access the Freeway, Wanneroo Road etc.
Maybe these locals would prefer more apartments?
I hope there isn’t a future fire in their vicinity.
Anne Bate
Loftus Street, Leederville

Rail pledge
I’M all for a discussion about how we take on Perth’s transport challenges, but perhaps Perth MLA Eleni Evangel should take a look at her own party’s record before she makes any more unfounded claims about Labor’s commitment to rail.  (“Labor plans off the rail”, Voice, May 28, 2016)
Ms Evangel appears to have forgotten she was a member of the Barnett government which promised MAX light rail before the 2013 State election – the supposedly “fully-funded, fully-costed” light rail through North Perth.
Despite the promises, that project that was shelved just months later. And since then, we have seen nothing of consequence in relation to rail – either from Ms Evangel or Mr Barnett.
I live in Mt Lawley and as I drive around our community, I know first-hand how frustrating and dangerous the congestion problem is, and that it is only getting worse.
Perth residents shouldn’t be forced to spend hours every day sitting in traffic as they try to get to and from work – time that should be spent with family and friends.
In federal Labor’s 2013 budget, $500 million was committed to public transport in Perth. That was Commonwealth funding that could have been spent on light or heavy rail.
But the Abbott-Turnbull government’s first budget ripped that $500 million out of public transport, directing it to the flawed Perth Freight Link – and then abandoned any further public transport spending in WA.
Once again, federal Labor has come out to bat for public transport in Perth – now committing $1 billion towards METRONET and to getting Perth moving again.
Labor will ensure the Morley-Ellenbrook rail line is built, alleviating congestion along Beaufort Street. We will also remove unsafe level crossings along the Midland rail line.
If Ms Evangel is truly interested in solving Perth’s public transport crisis, I invite her to stop the blame game and instead, put up an alternative to our plan for public transport. Perhaps after that, we can have a meaningful debate about our competing visions for our local community, instead of chucking rocks.
Tim Hammond
Federal Labor candidate for Perth

Walk the walk
WHEN Jemma Green became a City of Perth councillor she expressed commitment to constructiveness and transparency.
Based on Ms Green’s declaration of expenses and motions to council in pursuit of greater accountability, she’s heading in the right direction.
However, the premium placed on governance conduct seems at odds with how she runs her “Jemma Green: Public Figure” Facebook page, the outlet that rolls her other interests and lobbying into one, with council utterances.
In my experience, Ms Green has a tendency to delete comments that amount to concern over or disagreement with her posts.
As a result, except for some biffo with deputy lord mayor James Limnios during last year’s election, the Facebook reads like one long “awesome sauce” response to everything Ms Green engages with, rather than reflecting a diversity of views.
Championing greater flows of information is a good thing, but it’s a practice and an ethic best applied consistently, especially by those in public office, if outcomes are to be realistic.
Diana Ryan
The Ed says: In the interests of fairness, the Voice asked Cr Green to respond; she says Ms Ryan posted comments she found offensive, and as per the Facebook page’s impressum she reserved the right “to delete trolling comments”.

Their right
I am more than “Pretty riled” at the simplistic, ignorant, pathetic ageist letter to editor comments (“ whinging oldies” ) by Tahnee Pretty (Voice, May 28, 2016).
If I wrote a letter to the editor containing sexist or racist comments, would you publish them?
I do not know whether the proposed fire station site is the best location, or not. I do know that local residents have a legitimate right to preserve their amenity. And if they do not preserve their amenity, who will?
Greg Smith
Rose Avenue, Bayswater

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