Ladder curfew looms

JACOB’S LADDER looks like it’s heading for a 7pm to 7am curfew.

Early morning exercisers who routinely hit the West Perth steps at the crack of dawn look likely to find themselves facing padlocked gates, with the council siding with nearby residents who claim the early morning crew create too many problems.

Built in 1909 as a wooden structure, it was closed 50 years later and Perth city council rebuilt it in the current sturdier form, but even that had to be temporarily closed this year for repairs.

It’s reopened but the 5am commandos have done their dash, with nearby residents saying they’re tired of the screech of drill-sergeant wannabes urging their huffing and puffing boot campers up the steps, and joggers’ cars clogging the streets.

One resident at the Perth city council meeting this week told the Voice she’d even spotted an exerciser spewing on the verge after pushing themselves a little hard up and down the 242 steps.

She reckons it wasn’t a one-off.

Perth council faces an upstairs battle getting the place closed off, though.

A long-forgotten vestigial rule counts Jacob’s Ladder as a road, and that means appealing to WA lands minister Terry Redman to approve a 12-hour shutdown, and half-day shutdowns for roads are just not the done thing.

Instead they’ll look at rezoning the staircase a pedestrian mall, giving it power to control opening times.

They’ll still need the lands minister’s sign off, but staff reckon prospects are better for the rezoning plan.


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One response to “Ladder curfew looms

  1. I do feel for the residents … guess one doesn’t expect to be awakened by drill sergeant-wannabes with ‘get on with it! or ‘keep going, wusses!!!’ or similar cheery or cheer-less chants. On the other hand, I think if you buy a property, you ought to know what you’re getting into. If I decide to buy an inner city pad – assuming I can afford to or if I win the Lottery – I should NOT complain about night club patrons leaving to catch late night cabs at 0100 or 0200 or 0300H … I would be grateful to said patrons to NOT share the contents of their livers or stomachs with me or my verge, of course. I am one who gets wary of people carrying on about “nanny states” and such … thinking if EACH of us can live with the ideas of “my rights end where someone else’s does” and “with my rights come certain responsibilities” … we’d all live, if not happily ever after, at least in relative peace and harmony!

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