Osborne Park taken with Beau

AN Osborne Park advocacy group is so enamoured with Beaufort Street they want to turn their Main Street into “the new Beaufort”.

The Main Street Co-op has been organising murals on the street and want to start working with businesses, locals and Stirling council to liven up the joint.

Car yards

The co-op’s co-chair says they’re co-opting Beaufort Street’s style: “I remember Beaufort Street a few years ago—there used to be car yards and not many pedestrians at all and it just changed. It felt like overnight but it took a couple of years,” she told the Stirling Times.

“I think if we make it a safer place and nicer to look at we’d probably attract some small bars, cafes, wine bars and a bit more night life would be great because there isn’t much of that there at the moment. Eventually we’d love to have a festival down here; We’ve got the room.”

The Beaufort Street Network has put their festival on hold for now to work on multiple smaller projects across the year (the big one day event was taking nearly all of their time and efforts to organise), but when they wrapped it up network chair Pam Herron said the festival had done its job in putting the strip on the map.

And while the street had historically struggled with having enough pedestrians during the day (only coming alive for the bar and food scene at night), a ride through the street shows the situation’s improving.

The Mary Street Piazza almost always has people lounging in the outdoor space and mayor John Carey’s reported he’s been happy to see skateboarders adapting the giant Beaufort Street letters platform for their slides and ollies and adding a bit of life to the street.

936 Autobahn 10x4.6

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