Perth’s freaks and geaks get supa

VIKINGS, vampires, werewolves and a Tardis-packed cast of super-powered characters will be out in force for Perth Supanova.

Fandom comes to life in a celebration of the worlds of film, TV, comics, anime, sci-fi, cartoons, books and gaming at the Perth Convention Centre on June 25 and 26.

There’s costume role play (cosplay in geek-speak), fan clubs to sign up with, talks, music, creative master classes in topics such as writing comic books, wrestling tournaments and competitions.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer bad girl Juliette Landau (Drusilla) is on the guest appearance list and the Voice caught up with her on the blower from the UK last week.

It was easy to see why fantasy sometimes blurs with reality for cosplayers, as the conversation slipped between real and imagined characters as if speaking of old friends.

• Juliet Landau. Photo supplied

• Juliet Landau. Photo supplied

An actor, director and producer, Landau co-starred with Johnny Depp in Ed Wood and is currently co-directing two feature length documentaries about the vampire phenomenon.

A Place Among the Dead covers real-crime where people take the fantasy of vampirism too far (Australia has at least one; Tracey Wigginton was dubbed the “lesbian vampire killer” after leading a gang that killed a man in 1989 and drank his blood).

Landau’s second doco A Place Among the Undead covers all aspects of the vampire myth, from pop culture, movies, TV, art, literature, comics music and video games.

The human condition

Asked about the appeal of vampires and shows like Buffy, Landau says: “One of the main reasons…is because it can be used in myriad ways to reflect the human condition. It forces us to look at our own nature.”

Shooting for each episode of Buffy was done on a tight eight-day turn around, and despite taking her role and the show seriously, Landau laughs as she thinks about the odd juxtaposition of two scenes shot on the same day.

The first was set in Victorian London, the next at 20th century Sunnydale High School where her bad-ass character tries to kill someone with long talon-like nails.

“I couldn’t have the nails in the 19th century, so we used pop-on ones, which kept popping off – definitely not threatening.”

Despite not being on TV for more than 10 years fans of Buffy and follow up series Angel are still keen, Landau says.

“It’s like a band of family…people get to meet people that are part of the show and talk about stuff they loved.”

Others in the Supanova line-up are boxer Kostya Tszyu and author Dustin Warburton, Deadpool duo Brianna Hildebrand and Stefan Kapicic and Lord of the Rings’ Sean Astin and John Noble.

But the event attracted calls for a boycott after founder Daniel Zachariou copied a petition on his Facebook page calling for the axing of the anti-bullying Safe Schools campaign, which has a strong focus on gender issues.

Since the controversy erupted, he’s promised to add a diversity panel discussion to this year’s event and says he’s been taken out of context.

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