‘Shut the puck up’

UPDATED June 13: THE team of street hockey youngsters credited with keeping the Bayswater Bowling and Recreation Club alive has been shut down unless it can tone down the noise.

The Street Roller Hockey League joined BBRC and set up a rink next to the bowling grounds at 58 Murray Street last year, with members raising $50,000 through quiz nights and donation drives. Mayor Barry McKenna considers the hockey kids have saved the cash-strapped club from closing.

Despite this a neighbour’s noise complaints saw Bayswater council passing a resolution at last week’s meeting telling BBRC to “cease roller hockey activities at the site… until such time as the club can ensure compliance of these activities with the environmental protection (noise) regulation”.

Roller hockey IMG_9556

Because it’s a state law the council’s hands are tied, and Crs McKenna, Stephanie Coates, Michelle Sutherland, John Rifici, Sally Palmer and Brent Fleeton all voted to stop the noisy hockey.

Terry Kenyon was the only one to dissent, while crs Dan Bull, Chris Cornish and Catherine Ehrhardt declared an interest and didn’t vote since they were social members of the club.

Games are played from 5 – 7pm week nights and 10am to 7pm on weekends. The Voice understands there were four instances of the games breaching noise limits during monitoring (the League’s Facebook page claimed because they were very short periods, it was more likely stick slaps rather than cheering).

In March when the complaint first popped up, bowling club president Steve Lay said the normal youthful exuberance had been blown out of proportion by people with an axe to grind.

“These are unsubstantiated accusations. I was there on the night and it wasn’t as big and bad as it’s been blown out to be.”

The club’s already tried some noise mitigation and if they can do further work and keep it under the limit they’ll be allowed to stay. If not, the council voted to consult with them on a new spot.



2 responses to “‘Shut the puck up’

  1. Regarding the article “shut the puck up”, I and many others take great offence at the first paragraph claiming that the noise complaints were caused through the Bayswater bowling club being unable to “keep its unruly members in check”. I wish to point out that we have no unruly members in this club,and the supposed excessive noise is caused by stick against stick, stick against puck, and stick against concrete. hopefully this perceived problem can be brought under control in the near future. A little more homework by David would have made this article far more accurate and far less offensive. I suppose an apology to all members of the B.B.C in the next edition of the voice would be too much to ask.

  2. Not once does this article reference or mention BBC not being able to “keep its unruly members in check”.

    Read it again, Colin. Show me where it says that.

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