Dan Murphy’s gets extension

LIQUOR giant Dan Murphy’s has had an extension to its planning approval for the old Peninsula Hotel approved by the joint development assessment panel.

The Woolies-owned liquor barn already has approval from the JDAP to build there, but had an extended liquor licence rejected by the liquor commission.


The company is appealing that decision through the supreme court but it’s taking yonks. The planning approval is about to expire and if the company has to seek approval again, the development  may never happen because Bayswater city council about to introduce laws restricting liquor stores in that area.

The council is proposing to limit liquor stores to 300sqm, while Dan Murphy’s is asking for 1010sqm.

The DAP approved a one-year extension on their old approval, with Bayswater councillor Chris Cornish outvoted by the state-appointed members.

Maylands MP Lisa Baker, who’s long campaigned against the booze-opolis, says Dan Murphy’s rolled out the lawyers to front the DAP meeting arguing it wasn’t really a liquor barn because it had a tavern attached and would be operating under a tavern licence.

But she says the bulk of the project (more than 900sqm) is the liquor store, which makes the tavern a mere tack-on.

She called it “another disastrous decision by JDAP”.

The council, Ms Baker, and a lot of locals oppose the plan fearing the store will lead to more street drinking and a damper on amenity in the area.


938 Inglewood Amcal 10x2.3

2 responses to “Dan Murphy’s gets extension

  1. It’s not the old Peninsular Hotel or Hotel Peninsular where Dome Maylands is that will be demolished which almost happened when the Peninsular Tavern was built but the Tavern itself. Nothing lovely about it. It would be a wonderful site for a 4 star accommodation hotel with easy access to Perth. As Woolworths will be the tenants – don’t know if they own it or some bank or finance company does – why not a Woolworths grocery store and incorporate a BWS? Competition for Aldi on the corner of 10th Avenue and Beaufort Street.Then they could vacate their BWS store in Eighth Avenue as so many other businesses have done e.g. Commonwealth Bank.

  2. Disgraceful. Money and/or favours involved in this, methinks. I was hoping that the area was being beautified, not uglified. Dome and The Little Shop Of Plenty are great but a giant booze store will be an eyesore. I’ll still buy my booze from De Vine Cellars, anyway. Best range, good prices and friendly service from a local can’t be beaten by big, ruthless, unethical franchises.

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