Forest plan

AT LEAST 450 new trees will be planted in the Perth city council area annually under a new four-year urban forest plan.

With so much concrete and glass, some areas of the city are turning into hot spots and the new plan aims to increase their canopy cover by about a third. The city currently has about 6800 street trees and 7725 in parkland (3200 are on Heirisson Island).

• One of Perth’s rare shady and green spots.

• One of Perth’s rare shady and green spots.

“Priority will be given to planting in areas with high levels of pedestrian activity, as well as to select the right species of trees to maximise cooling,” lord mayor Lisa Scaffidi said by press release.

By the time the new trees reach maturity in 2056 they’ll contribute about 20 additional hectares of canopy cover.

The plan is still in draft form and open for comment until July 15. Go to to weigh in to the debate.

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