MP airs views on river trees

AN upper house MP wants Bayswater council to remove native vegetation behind her Ingles Place property so she doesn’t have to walk as far to get to the river.

The vegetation is protected as part of the Swan and Canning Rivers Regional Park, but Liberal parliamentary secretary Alyssa Hayden wrote to council asking it to clear a path from her block and that of three neighbours to nearby Ingles Reserve. Otherwise they have to tramp around the block to get there.

Anti-greenery forces have already been at work: Several trees between the blocks and the river have been illegally poisoned, prompting Baysy to put up a large sign in February. The council can’t prove who did it, but the sign confounds any plans to improve views; it’s staying until replacement trees grow to maturity.

• Dead trees and a big sign blight views from Inglis Place.

• Dead trees and a big sign blight views from Inglis Place.

Ms Hayden says says she and her neighbours could use the path to “enjoy and have access to the reserve, foreshore and pathways” and it’d also provide an alternative exit in case of emergency.

She also wants plants near their fences restricted to 1.8m tall and thinned out to reduce the risk of fires and snakes.

Bayswater staffers say there’s no legal requirement to provide that emergency exit, the vegetation isn’t a fire risk and clearing won’t reduce encounters with snakes.

Councillors deferred the request to mull over their options, and whether to charge $4000 for the works.

Staffers note it’s an emerging issue as development rolls out closer to the river.

“[It’s] a difficult decision to make and may set a precedent for future developments,” the report said.

Any clearing of vegetation will have to be signed off by the department of parks and wildlife.


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