Waves of success

ASH GRUNWALD has one the most prolific and successful blues career in Australian music history, and been at the forefront of the music scene for more than 12 years.

But his natural talent wasn’t nurtured in a music conservatory; guitar lessons were those at school.

His teacher encouraged him to stretch himself with other music styles, but at 12 he’d found his passion.

“Once I learnt to play a bit of blues I wanted to stay with it, I wasn’t interested in diverting. I knew what I wanted,” Grunwald says from his Bali home.


He and wife Dannii Carr, and their two young daughters, moved to the tropical paradise recently, where the surfing mad Grunwald is enjoying the surf.

His song Longtime features Grunwald pulling some very impressive surfing tricks at The Pass, a legendary break at Byron Bay, to a foot-tapping blues rhythm.

One of his early songs was about being saved from a shark by a pod of dolphins, but he has no animosity towards the predators.

“As a surfer I love the fact most surfers and myself think there shouldn’t be culling. They are in their own environment.”

You can catch the Melbourne born musician at the Newport Hotel in Fremantle tomorrow, Sunday July 10.


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