Rate rise within CPI

PERTH city council ratepayers will see a modest increase in the average rate of 1.6 per cent.

The council’s boasting it’s managed to keep the increase within CPI after “an exhaustive review, including new and streamlined business practices”.

However rubbish fees are up 5.5 per cent for residents and 5 per cent for commercial. The budget notes Elizabeth Quay will be a drain on the council’s coffers for at least four years, when it’s expected there’ll be enough ratepayers to cover the cost of servicing the precinct.

Perth still has relatively cheap residential rates (as a proportion of rental value) compared to Vincent or Subiaco, as they were kept low to encourage more people to live in the CBD. The council is slowly weaning people off the cheapy rates but it’s only a small hit this year.

There’ll be another big spend on capital works this year with $67.2million going towards major projects including:

• $4.4million to upgrade the Perth Concert Hall;

• $4.3million to enhance city streetscapes;

• $4.2million to upgrade Wellington Street as part of the Perth city link project;

• $3.4million for Forrest Place pedestrian walkways; and,

• $2.8million on improved lighting projects.

There’ll be no change in the councillors’ allowances ($13,360 each) and the lord mayor’s allowance goes up a smidgeon to $137,917.

As of July 1 about 3000 new residents are now officially in Perth city council’s area, coming over from Subiaco and Nedlands. The budget doesn’t account for the effect they’ll have on the bottom line and a separate report will be prepared when the beancounters can quantify their impact.


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