Vincent backs Carr residents

VINCENT council will oppose a proposed fire station on Carr Street.

Mayor John Carey saying he’s “greatly disappointed” with the department of fire and emergency services’ handling of the plan.

The department says 27-33 Carr Street (which the state paid $8.7 million for) is the best spot for the $19 million station, taking into account lot size, response times, population studies and “traffic congestion hotspots”.

The WA planning commission gets to decide on the fate of the station next Tuesday, and Vincent’s submission will argue against it going ahead.

It says 45 of 56 submissions from residents were in outright opposition and two others had “general concerns”. Most cited worries about noise, traffic and safety.

• Carr Street residents say their mostly residential street is no place for a fire station. File photo

• Carr Street residents say their mostly residential street is no place for a fire station. File

Mr Carey says the traffic study the department is putting forward is a decade old.

He said if a private developer came to Vincent council with 10-year-old traffic surveys they’d be told; “go back, we want better data”.

“Private developers have to provide comprehensive traffic surveys. The [department] is a government agency, there are no excuses,” Mr Carey says.

The 2006 study was carried out before several major apartment developments in the area, including one next door, all of which have added a lot of cars to the roads. Mr Carey says it also wouldn’t take into account the upcoming Charles Street bus lane.

“No wonder people get cynical about consultation when they just say ‘we’ve selected this site’,” Mr Carey says.

The department says the site’s also a good spot taking into account other nearby stations and the areas they can reach, and noise will be minimised because trucks will only whack on the lights and sirens when absolutely necessary, which is usually when they’re away from the station.


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