A perfect ten(or)

WHEN it comes to sex appeal, the Italian Tenors leave Shades of Grey in – well – the shade and Madame Ciccone seems a tinny-titted support act.

With a mix of pop/opera, sass, suits and seductive songs the easy-on-the-eye trio’s YouTube promos are backdropped by drop-dead gorgeous Italian settings and enough slow-mo and soft lighting to have any cougar licking her lips.


They weren’t always destined for the stage, but luckily for the female half of the planet, fate intervened.

Mirko Provini held a sociology degree and looked set for a career in academia, while Evans Tonon was studying to be a lawyer.

• The Italian Tenors; sexy, talented and a lot of fun.

• The Italian Tenors; sexy, talented and a lot of fun.

Sabino Gaita is the only member of the trio who set out to be a musician, studying at the Milan conservatory where he qualified as a tenor, composer, saxophonist, clarinet player and pianist.

Having abandoned a career at the bar Tonon studied music in London and Rome, while Provini added a music degree from the Milan conservatory to his academic bow.

The Three Tenors (Pavarotti, Domingo and Carreras) proved opera could be popular: “They were the first to start this kind of idea which is imitated by many groups around the world,” Tonon says.

Playful even about classic music, the trio named themselves after a UK-mate’s cliched view of Italians.

“[He] said ‘when we think of Italians they are good cooks – and good singers’,” Tonon told the Herald.

The tenors are heading Down Under for a tour and the launch of a new album.

“We create a whole new and fired atmosphere with our interpretations of Italian pop songs,” Provini says in a press release.

Their Perth show is a mix of the classics and Italian pop, sung with a operatic fillip, Tonon says.

They include Speak Softly Love from the movie The Godfather – sung in Italian: “Hallelujah is the only non-Italian song,” Tonon says.

There’s nothing stuffily highbrow about the Italian Tenors, with plenty of hamming up: “We put in some fun to connect with people. “We like to have fun on stage.”

But there’s nothing funny about the passion the trio bring with them: “It is for us as Italians to create a breathtaking mix of passion and culture to build our own composed world. That’s always a concept of our work,” Tonon says.

The Italian Tenors are at the Astor Theatre, September 10. Tix on 9370 5888, but get in quick as shows in the east have already sold out.


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