No drone rangers

DRONES will not replace rangers at Bayswater council. Yet.

The council poured cold water on the idea after resident Ian Walters suggested robo-rangers could monitor parking.

He’s been dobbing in illegal parkers at the corner of Lawrence and Beaufort Streets near Chisholm College in Bedford but says “the parking breaches continue unabated”.

He can’t get answers about the number of breaches there, and during formal question time to council complained: “It is astonishing to learn the city’s corporate systems are unable to accurately generate a reporting list for the number of infringements and warnings issued for a particular defined area.”

Bayswater has four dedicated rangers and 11 that double as security officers and he wonders whether that’s enough.

“Will the council consider the purchase of photographic drones to be used by the rangers to monitor any part of the City of Bayswater to detect illegal parking?” Mr Walters asked.

“I am informed the cost is minimal.”

Alas, no luck for robo-fans. The city answered it’s “not currently investigating drones for monitoring parking” and hasn’t set aside budget cash for drones for “any other ranger tasks” either. The council’s reply to Mr Walters said the rangers will base their schedules around frequency of breaches at a spot, resident complaints and local knowledge, but they have a lot on their plate: “Rangers carry out a large number of duties to enforce a wide variety of legislation”.


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