Signs of the times

TIMES Square, Tokyo Midtown, Perth?

Hardly, as Perth council works on a new signage policy to remove some of the red tape surrounding advertising material and pave the way for large electronic signs – but Keeps a strict hand on where they’ll be allowed.

Under the new rules it’ll be much easier to have a sign on a building that relates to what’s actually sold there, and even third party signs with Brad Pitt awkwardly advertising perfume or whatever will have a little more leeway.

The council still wants them to have “a high standard” and “not adversely affect the amenity”, and they can’t be flashy if drivers can see them.

The signage policy doesn’t ease up on handheld signs at all, so the council can continue to persecute homeless people holding a scrap of cardboard with “hungry please help” scrawled on it (“Council taking beggars’ signs,” Perth Voice, June 4, 2016).

The council also won’t let owners stick third party advertising on heritage buildings unless there’s a “clearly established historical precedent,” but we’re not sure if that limits them to spruiking horseshoes or 1800s era miracle tinctures.

Big electronic signs have been hotly debated when before the council (just last month the council knocked back a 70sqm sign on St George’s Terrace as “inappropriate”) but under the policies they’ll be easier to get through, as long as they comply with various criteria.

The big signs will be restricted to public entertainment and retail places where people gather (such as Forrest Place), and the top of buildings greater the 29 metres high where only the name of the building or the tenants will be permitted. The new easy-going policy will go out to advertising and then back to council for a final decision.


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