Listening locally

FOR the first time Vincent council asked locals to have their say on the budget before anything was written in stone, and plenty took the opportunity to weigh in.

Most years only two or three enthusiastic council watchers make budget submissions, since it only goes out to advertising after being written up and post-draft changes are exceedingly rare.

This time a whopping 50-plus people came up with suggestions, many of them fronting a budget meeting for the first time to see how their pitch fared.

There were local mums with big ideas to a couple of toughs who surprised everyone with their passionate plea for pedestrian safety.

One idea the council took on board was from local mum Karen O’Sullivan. She clubbed together with other parents in her Leederville street to put together the “Rae Street, Play Street” plan.

There’s little space nearby where kids can play, so they want to trial closing the street for 1.5 hours a month to let the little tackers kick a ball or ride a scooter in safety. It’s also a chance to play with kids outside their usual school grade age and meet the neighbours.

After looking over the idea the council’s put aside $10,000 for the trial to help with traffic management and signs.


Some of the big items in the budget came directly from submissions, like the request for a $210,000 pedestrian safety crossing at William and Bulwer Streets.

There wasn’t cash for everything: A request for CCTV at North Perth town hall was knocked back since it’s not a crime hotspot, and an overpass from East Perth train station to East Parade was deemed too pricey due to the land purchase required.

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