Seriously funny

COMEDY film-makers give their take on the serious side of life in this year’s Over the Fence Comedy Festival.

In its 18th year the festival strives for “excellent” films that change the way we view the world, organiser Greg Coffey says.

“We say ‘you can say anything with an excellent sense of humour’.”


Two-day festival

The short films selected this year come from 14 national and international filmmakers, to be screened over the two-day festival.

Australian entry Noddy sends up pollies who stand behind the party leader nodding at their pearls of wisdom at any media opportunity.

“We see cheeky, mischievous comedy filmmakers re-interpreting just what goes on out there,” Mr Coffey says.

Such as what happens when a house-hunting couple and a real estate agent say what they’re really thinking in Open House: “It’s dangerous when people say what’s going on in their heads.”

It’s a Big Bad World Out There is on Friday July 29 to Sunday 31, 7pm at The Backlot, 21 Simpson Street, West Perth. For the program and times or to book go to


942 Agni 40x7 V3

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