LETTERS 30.7.16


No way to treat CEBA
AS a former councillor at the City of Bayswater, I was dismayed by your “Festival in doubt” article on the July 23.
I personally am a long-term member of the Central Eastern Business Association and I chair the Bayswater Child Care Association which is also a member.
I can attest to the tremendous benefits which CEBA brings to both the business and the wider community of the eastern suburbs.
Only the other week CEBA had the federal minister for communications, Mitch Fifield, attend a local function in order to hear the needs of locals, and about local businesses having access to the national broadband network.
CEBA has been working for the community for the last 40 years and it should be noted that local business provides approximately 20 per cent of Bayswater’s rates and so it is unacceptable for the city to take their work for granted and not even bother to ensure a quorum can remain in the room to make decisions on behalf of this hardworking community body.
Michael Anderton
Chambers Way, Noranda

It’s political ping pong
THE recriminations between the City of Vincent and the Liberal MLA for Perth, Eleni Evangel continue unabated.
The “international incident” concerns allegations made by Ms Evangel of political bias by Vincent against her.
Being the mayor of Vincent has been a good starting point for aspiring Labor state politicians – first John Hyde and now John Carey.
Some ex-Labor politicians have, after they left state parliament, become the mayors of Vincent; Nick Catania and Alannah MacTiernan.
John Carey must be happy indeed that all the Vincent councillors have now swung in behind him; “Hail to our glorious leader.”
What we now have is a mutual admiration society. Is it an ALP sub-branch?
As far as Vincent is concerned I think the Shakespearean saying, “The lady protests too much”, rings true.
The gloves are off, “let the biffo begin!”
Paul Mannion
Clive Road, Mount Lawley

Hey, big spenders
THE City of Vincent has been spending big.
To sustain this type of spending Vincent has been selling off assets and increasing rates.
Last year the residential minimum rate was raised significantly, by $200.
That’s equal to a 28 per cent increase.
This year, Vincent has proposed further increasing the minimum rate by another $100 (a further 11 per cent).
These increases are far greater than CPI, in effect a 42 per cent total increase over two years.
Average incomes and pensions are not going up at these rates, so these huge hikes are unfair as they will hit the poorest and lowest income families the hardest.
Keeping in line with Vincent’s recent letter mail-out to all pensioners about the capping of the rates rebate, I trust that Vincent will be consistent and send out letters to all residents affected by this rate rise, explaining that complaints should be sent to the mayor of Vincent, John Carey.
Mark Rossi
Buxton St, Mount Hawthorn

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