Burned golfers want barbies fixed

STIRLING council has been urged to repair the barbecues at the Hamersley golf course after two players were severely burned by a portable one which exploded.

The Hamersley Hackers and other golf clubs had been using a portable barbecue for sausage sizzles since the council-provided ones broke down, with the Voice hearing conflicting stories they’d been on the blink for anywhere between one and six years.

But a couple of months ago the portable barbie exploded, burning the legs of two golfers who were hospitalised.

Harley Bourke, captain of the Hamersley Men’s Golf Club, suspects there was a faulty gas pipe, but he says no one’s been keen to take responsibility for the portable barbecue.

It had been stored at the Gleneagles tavern adjacent to the course, but no one from the company would comment.

Hamersley Hackers player Eddy Hill says regardless of who was responsible, the council should have acted quicker.

“The reason there was a portable bbq there in the first place is because the fixed one was in such a bad state it couldn’t be used anymore,” Mr Hill told the Voice.

The golfers have collected a 36-signature petition to the council calling for the barbecues to be fixed.

Stirling council was contacted for response but didn’t get back before deadline.


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