Fashion cash down as freebies dry up

TELETHON is up for another year of support from the Perth council which has approved almost $100,000 for the event.

The biggest telethon in the world by capita, the Channel 7 event will get a $40,000 cash donation, discount parking at the convention centre worth $49,425 and $7759 worth of council staff time and other in-kind support.

Telethon has raised more than $204 million since it’s inception in 1968.

A report from staff says Telethon is Perth’s premier charity event and parking discounts won’t be available to others.

At the same meeting the council approved $269,315 for this year’s Perth Fashion Festival.

Festival organisers had sought more than $359,000, but a six-member panel of council staff deemed that excessive for a predominantly ticketed event.

“The city’s policy of no longer accepting tickets has been included in the reduction of the sponsorship amount,” a report said

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