LETTERS 20.8.16


Wasted opportunities
WHAT is going on?
How can the WAPC, the statewide peak town planning decision-making authority, approve a subdivision of swampland (Dorazio and Carter land) abutting the Swan River parkland and the Eric Singleton bird sanctuary?
The fact the WAPC approved this subdivision against the recommendation of the City of Bayswater is unbelievable, but even more unbelievable is the failure of the existing Bayswater CEO [Francesca Lefante] to inform council of the Carter’s offer [at a reduced price] to sell their land to the city.
Ms Lefante’s reported excuse — council’s previous “unanimous” decision, would have some validity if; the unanimous decision had not included the caveat “at this point in time “; the offer was the same cost (it was not); council’s financial position was the same (it was not because when the reduced offer was made the council had over $20 million in a reserve fund); or it was presented to the same group of councillors (it was not).
The offer, if presented to council, would have been to a very different council and not mayor Kenyon, but mayor Albert.
To add insult to injury the city failed to have the land reserved as part of the Swan River parkland and as a consequence missed the opportunity to pass the cost to the state (WAPC). The chair of the WAPC, Eric Lumsden, during his Radio 720 interview, suggested this should have been done.
He was too polite to suggest that Lefante  [also the former town planner] had failed a basic and obvious process.
The minister for planning Donna Farager has acted with integrity on this issue.
The current mayor of Bayswater, Barry McKenna, needs to do likewise and call a special meeting of council to get to the bottom of this matter. The fact that mayor McKenna voted for the subdivision should make him even more keen for this town planning fiasco to get clean air.
Greg Smith
Rose Avenue, Bayswater

The Koran teaches respect
I AM shocked to hear that Egyptian judoka competitor and Islamist El Shehaby refused to shake his Israeli competitor’s hand after their Rio Olympics match.
His reaction is against the teaching of Islam, and spirit of sportsmanship.
We should have a common sense of treating others with respect, dignity and good gesture.
Shehaby’s reaction may be due to his ignorance or pride, but some people are trying to link it with religion. It is clearly written in the Koran that “God forbids you not, respecting those who have not fought against you on account of your religion, and who have not driven you forth from your homes, that you be kind to them and act equitably towards them; surely Allah loves those who are equitable”.
Usman Mahmood
Sandalwood Dr, South Bowenfels

$50 and a uni is enough, surely
IT is good that Edith Cowan is honoured on our $50 note and that she is remembered each time Edith Cowan University is mentioned.
However I fail to see how, as asserted by vice chancellor, Steve Chapman, that “her home has immense historical, social and cultural value to WA and it should be retained” (“Edith Cowan’s home facing the wrecking ball,” Voice August 13, 2016).
Edith Cowan through her own efforts earned respect and recognition, historically and otherwise but her home did none of that work: her home was not responsible for her achievements nor did any singular event of historical importance take place there.
She no doubt would have worked anywhere if she had to. In any case I doubt that very many people had any idea that the building at 31 Malcolm St, West Perth was associated with a prominent West Australian. Saving the building wouldn’t change that.
Instead of retention, a handsomely designed plaque and permanent pictorial display featuring her image and her home, placed in front of the proposed hotel would enlighten guests and passers by to her legacy in numbers far greater than now.
Why not add an inspiring piece of sculpture celebrating her memory: much more engaging than an unremarkable building.
Vincent Sammut
Franklin Street, Leederville

Do your Homework
I REFER to your article regarding Marjorie Mann in your edition of August 5, 2016, “Cuts level playing field”, and to your article, in your edition of August 13, 2016, “Centre won’t be affected by childcare cuts”.
It is a worry that neither Mr Millman the ALP candidate for Mt Lawley nor the manager of the Marjorie Mann Child Day Care Centre were aware that the centre is owned by the City of Stirling! It has nothing to do with the state government.
But then, Mr Millman, don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story.
Michael Sutherland
Member for Mount Lawley

940 Terrace Hotel 10x3

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