State cool on speed trial cash

VINCENT council has been told there’s little chance of any state funding for its trial of 40kmh speed limits across its southern areas.

The council allocated $150,000 for the project in this year’s budget and hoped Main Roads and the Road Safety Commission would chip in half.

That support is “unlikely,” according to a report by council staff. Main Roads has pointedly reiterated an agreement the “council would be responsible for all aspects of the trial including funding”.

Mayor John Carey sounded underwhelmed by the  lack of support, but said he wouldn’t let it stop the trial going ahead if it had community support.

“We’re not going to wait around for government agencies to get their act together. We will proceed with this if the community supports it.”

He says there’s good evidence it saves lives, and a recent study by Monash University showed even a small reduction in speeds in urban areas sees a big reduction in road trauma and “relatively minor impacts on average travel times”.

City staff also reckon it’ll cut down on rat runners going through backstreets to avoid traffic, since they’ll only be able to putt along at 40kmh while arterial roads will still be 60kmh.

The next step is putting the trial out for public consultation to see if locals will support the plan.


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