Wetland family stressed by protest

MORE than 3000 signatures from the “No Houses in Wetlands” petition will be submitted to Parliament this week in an effort to halt further clearing next to Eric Singleton Bird Sanctuary.

One block owned by the D’Orazio family has already been extensively cleared following WA planning commission approval for a subdivision, with a housing project in the pipeline. A neighbouring block owned by the Carters remains covered in greenery but is slated to potentially host a cul de sac serving the site next door.

Planning control

The petition calls on planning minister Donna Faragher to grant a planning control area for the wetland. NHIW spokesperson Rachael Roberts says “we understand that the minister for planning has the power to ensure no development occurs on this land until it can be reserved in the metropolitan regional scheme.”

Maylands MP Lisa Baker was due to present the petition in the lower house on Thursday August 18 and Amber-Jade Sanderson will table it in the upper house.

While the D’Orazio family hasn’t returned calls from the Voice, one of the owners of the Carter block, Dawn Hawkins, has reached out to the No Houses in Wetlands group on Facebook.

In 2010 and 2013 the Carters offered to sell the land to Bayswater council which would’ve secured its future. In the first instance councillors rejected the offer, the second time around the administration knocked it back without even asking councillors to vote on it.

Ms Hawkins described the wetlands campaign as being stressful on her family.

She posted “please don’t take offence, the Carter land is actually private property. When I was a child we used to play there as often as we could, we caught yabbies and enjoyed the long grass. The land was rarely under water.

“Life wasn’t too complicated, we didn’t have the hassles we are experiencing now that are causing our family a whole lot of pain. We rarely had the general public walking on our land, blocking the drains, protesting, dictating what we can and can’t do and making claims of contamination. Please spare a thought for our family. Thank you.”

Ms Hawkins went on to say: “I too grieve at the sight of destruction and clearance of various land areas that take away wildlife, however we are not planning destruction.”


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