LETTERS 27.8.16


Well said, Greg
THE letter “Wasted opportunities” (Voice, August 20, 2016) would hardly have come as any surprise to Bayswater ratepayers who have ever attempted to get straight and verifiable answers from the City of Bayswater.
Greg Smith deserves commendation, and his letter deep consideration, for exposing an instance of the city’s council not being kept fully informed in timely fashion in regard to information that should have been available for its consideration.
The exposé makes this writer wonder whether, in this city, the tail is wagging the dog.
Vince McCudden
Almondbury Street, Bayswater

No solution
AS a child economic migrant myself and remembering the hardships my family endured, I find myself torn between empathy for migrants and what is best for Australia.
The Australia we live in today has been built by the hard work of migrants seeking a better life. The difference between my family and those held in detention is we were actively vetted and selected to be able to contribute to Australia.
Border control is part of what makes a country; unfortunately this has left a group stranded who were prepared to risk everything to enter Australia.
While the leaked documents are upsetting they are not surprising in a frustrated community stuck in limbo, but the standard of accommodation and services including health care are far better than my family experienced.
We were billeted in a WWII-era army camp. The blankets issued were wet, and I was put in bed with my sibling and covered in clothes while my parents used body heat to dry the bedding.
The showers were outdoor. Men from a nearby sports club would watch the women bathe. Our blokes would patrol the bush and administer rough justice to those caught. Communicable diseases swept the camp. I came down with measles and when my mother carried me to a doctor he required payment up-front, which cost three days’ wages for my father.
It was too much for some families who camped out at the airport till they were repatriated home. If the $20,000 per person that is on offer on Nauru was on offer then we all might have gone home.
We were not in God’s blind spot in the Pacific but at Point Walter camp East Fremantle 1968.
M Whitworth
Caribbean Drive, Safety Bay

I SHARE the concern and frustration of Suresh Rajan with motorists parking over footpaths.
However, I don’t believe it is due to ignorance of the law; just sheer selfishness and the reluctance of rangers to enforce the law.
Much of the offending occurs in suburban side streets and it is my observation that the rangers mainly travel on main roads.
Despite providing the City of Vincent with photographic evidence of serial offenders, including the address of one, nothing has been done.
It should not be too difficult for the council to launch a blitz, including forewarning the culprits through the media then following up with a few infringements for those who believe the law does not apply to them.
Kingsley Sullivan
Scarborough Beach Road, Mt Hawthorn

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