Units crackdown pays off

STIRLING council says it’s seen off the scourge of multiple dwellings across most of the city.

Back in 2012 there was a clamour over a stuff-up by the WA Planning Commission that opened the floodgates for suburban homes to be demolished and multiple units stacked on the block.

Councils scrambled to come up with new planning rules to stymie developers who’d cottoned on to the WAPC’s error, and to appease ratepayers furious at the increased traffic and reduced amenity in their streets.

Stirling launched an amendment to its local planning scheme to prohibit multiple dwellings in areas zoned R40 or less, with former planning minister John Day adding an exemption to lots that were close to railway stations and other “activity centres”.


The council now says that since tightening up the rules, it’s “seen a significant decline in the number of development applications for multiple dwellings submitted on R40 coded sites outside of an 800m radius of Activity Centres and railway stations.

“This indicates that Amendment No.32 has been successful in restricting multiple dwelling developments to areas where the need for car based travel is reduced due to the proximity of activity centres and train stations.”

With that success under its belt, the council is now moving to further tighten the rules by increasing the amount of on-site parking needed for multiple dwellings.

It acknowledges that might affect housing affordability.

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