Bill, Hill and that dress

BILL CLINTON introduced health care and social security reform, but it’s a semen-stained blue dress that doggedly remains the defining issue of his second term as US president.

Written by Australian brothers Paul and Michael Hodge, Clinton the Musical is a hilarious romp through his time in office. It nails the events, political skullduggery and machinations of his presidency – and the pack mentality of the press baying for blood.

Hillary Clinton’s political ambitions are nakedly on display as she tells the audience this is the story of her first presidency – reminding us it’s “Rodham Clinton”.

There’s plenty of veiled references to the email scandal in her current race to the White House.

• Lisa Adams and Simon Burke as Bill Clinton and Hilary Clinton (or is it Rodham this week? Check Google for the latest update).

• Lisa Adams and Simon Burke as Bill Clinton and Hilary Clinton (or is it Rodham this week? Check Google for the latest update).

There’s also a phone conversation where she thanks Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump for his generous donation to Bill’s Democrat campaign – and hints at her own in the future.

Dressed in a variety of bold-coloured pants suits Lisa Adam is brilliant as the power behind the throne.

There are two Clintons – WJ the intelligent statesman played by Simon Burke, and his alter-ego the randy, charming Billy played by Matt Dyktynski

“I only ever loved two men,” Hillary says. “And they happen to be the same man.”

Brendan Hanson is wonderfully repellent as over-the-top, sex-crazed special prosecutor Kenneth Starr, who belts out some great numbers as he plots Clinton’s downfall.


Megan Kozak’s Lewinsky delighted the audience with her joyous signature song I’m Fucking the Fucking President, a rollicking rendition that had people laughing out loud.

Black Swan Theatre director Adam Mitchell kept the pace humming and musical director David Young at times had people clapping along.

Set and costume designer Bruce McKinven’s stage is dominated by a massive revolving White House, which holds the orchestra under its domed roof.

The musical was a sell-out for its off Broadway season, where it got rave reviews and was the critics’ pick.

Clinton the Musical is on at the State Theatre until September 11.  Tickets at or 1300 795 012.


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