Inventing’s Key-ze

PERTH COLLEGE’S Rosie Cake is hoping her invention the “Key-Ze” could win her a trip to NASA’s Cape Kennedy space centre in Florida.

Rosie’s working on schematics for a blue-tooth key holder to help forgetful kids who leave their keys behind.

She says the gadget would hold kids’ keys with a magnet and be secured to their school bag. If it detects the keys have been taken out it would let out a beep every 10 seconds, and if they aren’t re-docked with the Key-Ze in five minutes the device would send a text message to parents.

• Budding inventor Rosie Cake and her plans for Key-ze.

• Budding inventor Rosie Cake and her plans for Key-ze.

“Mostly it’s my sister who loses her key, and she would have ring my mum, and she would have to come home to unlock the door,” says Rosie, dishing the dirt on her older sibling.

But her sister’s participation in Origianl littleBIGidea competition for little inventors last year that spurred her into entering this year.

Judging’s a ways off but organisers reckon Rosie’s idea is a cracker. There’s categories for kids from year 3 to year 8 and the national winner gets the trip to Florida.

Entries are open till September 30, so if you can think of a new gadget or just a way to make my shoes smell good head to and draw something up to enter.

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