Committee didn’t love it

ONLINE pop-science page IFLscience has been dealt a blow by Perth’s sponsorship committee, which knocked back a three-day science festival as under-prepared and overly ambitious.

The committee baulked at handing over $250,000 because it would place the IFLscience festival above longstanding events such as the Fringe Festival and the Christmas Pageant.


IFLscience (originally “I Fucking Love Science”) started in 2012 as a Facebook page to share quotes, memes and snippets about the entertaining side of science. Its popularity took off like a tachyon and it now has 25 million followers.

WA based company Minespace picked up on the hype and acquired the rights to organise the event under IFLscience’s umbrella.

No one from the company was willing to go on the record about the snub, but said they might delay the proposed November festival and try again next year. The company had been planning a $1.5 million festival; a mix of free and paid events around Perth’s cultural centre, Northbridge, and UWA.

Sponsorship had already been locked in from UWA and the metropolitan redevelopment authority.

Deputy lord mayor James Limnios, who sits on the sponsorship committee, said he likes the idea of more educational events happening in Perth, but wasn’t convinced the IFLscience proposal had been thought through.

“I felt that the organisers could have done some better research in terms of operating events on this scale, and some better research in terms of dealing with the City of Perth in the sponsorship process”, Mr Limnios said.

“Anything that’s educational… if you can introduce science to the masses by making it interesting and palatable, then I think it will be a winner.”



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