High energy hip-hoppers make a splash

FREMANTLE band POWNegro has won Perth’s Big Splash battle of the bands, winning $10,000.

The hip hop/ jazz/ rock sextet has done surprisingly well, given they’ve been together less than a year and their bassist only started playing a month before they formed.

Already POWNegro have played alongside break-out Freo band Koi Child and Kevin Parker from internationally renowned Tame Impala.

“I always remember saying if I ever get to play in the same building as Kevin Parker that is my career done, so really I shouldn’t be playing anymore,” vocalist Nelson Mondlane says.

The group has big ideas on how to spend their winnings.

• POWNegro frontman Nelson Mondlane in action.

• POWNegro frontman Nelson Mondlane in action.

“We would use it to make stuff we had always dreamt about; our own shirt — that would be so cool man — a beanie with POWNegro on it,” drummer Rhys Hussey says excitedly.

“We have been doing this for a while but we haven’t really paid ourselves, just the money for equipment and stuff would be really useful,” guitarist Lachy Dymond says responsibly.

But the band also hopes to use the money to give other emerging local musos a hand, inspired by Big Splash founder Maria Florides, who went economy class on business trips to save $10,000 a year which she donates to WA arts.

“We would use the money to put back into a good show for artists that we know would be in the same position … to give a show to Mung Dahl to give them the spotlight, because they are beginning and in the beginning we got helped out by Koi Child,” says Hussey.

“We want to do a show that we are proud of, and in some way pay respects to some of the people that have helped us out,” Mondlane explains.

POW is one to keep an eye on, with their first taste of fame a “ridiculously” expensive bottle of wine from adoring fans and others traveling several hours to see them.”



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