Give Dust Mites the Flick!
Do you suffer from hay fever, asthma, or allergies? Did you know that many allergies can be triggered by the dust mite – that microscopic pest that takes up residence in your mattress? While you’re fast asleep, these tiny critters are feeding off your flakes of skin…yes feeding off your skin! If that’s not enough to make your skin crawl, asthma and allergies occur when we breathe in the dust mites’ excrement!
Mattress Kleen offers a simple, non-toxic and very effective way to clean your mattress using a dry extraction method. Mattress manufacturers warn against steam cleaning mattresses as the moisture can cause mould and ruin memory foam. Owner/operator John Hall says no matter how clean your home is, your mattress can harbour up to 1 million dust mites.
“Asthma and allergies are increasing at an alarming rate and 80% of asthmatics are allergic to the dust mite. I perform a test prior to every clean to show you exactly what you’re sleeping with.  Most people are horrified to find what’s lurking in their mattress.”
Mattress Kleen
Phone 0409 115 373


Doctor, doctor!
Is your solar hot water system not performing like it should? You might need a visit from the Solar Doctor Perth. With years of experience in the industry, the Solar Doctor can help solve any problems with your solar hot water system.
A major service should be carried out on systems 4 to 5 years old and then every 3 to 4 years thereafter, although all systems should undergo a physical inspection every 12 months. The comprehensive service includes: Flushing out sediment to prevent corrosion, cleaning filters, changing the P&T valve and checking the entire system to ensure there’s  no defects or signs of leaking.
Solar Doctor offers prompt, professional service and can get a qualified tradesman to your door usually on the same day you call. Solar Doctor charges a flat labour fee, not by the hour, and a fixed price is agreed upon before any work is undertaken. Call today for an obligation free quote.
Solar Doctor
Phone 9472 4789



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