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AHH, stately Tenth Avenue in Inglewood; how delightful it is to cruise the tree-lined boulevard admiring the charming goldrush architecture — that is until you come to this wretched abode.

A boil on the avenue’s rump, even the owner struggles to describe her brown brick shocker with any enthusiasm: “The ugliest house on the street,” is her less-than-sentimental assessment.

Checking out the neighbourhood, I thought perhaps she was being a bit harsh, as there’s a few uninspiring flats and duplexes up near the railway that don’t add much to the precinct’s character. But after a look inside, there’s no doubting it: this place deserves the architectural equivalent of a golden turkey.


From the chipped front door which doesn’t quite latch properly to the scorched-earth backyard, there’s barely a redeeming thing I can say about it. Perhaps the most generous I could be is that it’s got air conditioning — well, courtesy of a neat hole in the dining room wall where a unit probably once hung before giving up and falling off.

Actually, there’s a couple of nice citrus trees in the front yard — this biggest one does an admirable job of screening this place off.

The carpet in the spare bedroom looks like it hosted its own Woodstock and even without a Norman Bates the bathroom is a complete horror scene.

So why bother writing it up?

Well, three reasons, basically.

The first is that it sits on a 506sqm block in Inglewood; in a snazzy part of the suburb where plots of this size rarely come up. It’s in great school catchment zones and both the Baywater and Inglewood town centres are a stroll away.

Secondly, a plot this size in Inglewood where no one will raise a fuss if you bowl over the incumbent, is even rarer. You see, Tenth Avenue is within the Mt Lawley Character Retention Zone, where bulldozing houses is usually frowned on. But even the most rusted-on Mt Lawley Society member would sing your praises if you rid the Avenue of this place.

It could technically be renovated and stand as an investment, but I’m putting my money on a bulldozer.

And thirdly, well, I’ve got a soft heart (despite my unkind words about the house) and according to agent the owner has a compelling reason to sell her home. Which means that come auction day, there could be a bargain for someone keen to get into this highly sought-after location.


51 Tenth Avenue, Inglewood
Auction today, Saturday Sept 24
10am onsite (unless sold prior)
Natalie Hoye
0405 812 273
Acton Mt Lawley
9272 2488

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