Vegicide in Vincent

WHO keeps killing trees? Seven more have been snapped along Oxford Street, discovered Wednesday morning this week.

They were part of Vincent council’s Greening Oxford Street and in death they join a number of more mature trees that have been trashed around town of late.

Mayor John Carey sounded at his wit’s end about the ongoing vegicide.

•Who keeps doing this? Also why?

•Who keeps doing this? Also why?

The tree killings reached their peak in 2014 when about 70 street trees were killed, snapped or vandalised by boofheads. Many were on Beaufort Street, which now has more CCTV.

“It’s disgraceful, it’s bloody disgusting, it’s a deliberate act to do harm to the community,” Mr Carey says.

“It’s a wilful act where someone has gone out and deliberately destroyed trees knowing it has an impact on other people.

“Trees are — and I’m not sounding like a hippy — but trees are incredibly important for our streets to be liveable for people. They cool streets, provide shade, it’s healthy to have green in our greater density areas.”

One small rainbow: Mulch from dead trees in Vincent is now available free to residents, for pickup any time at the corner of Britannia Road and Federation Street in Mt Hawthorn.


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