Lacking vowels but not flavour

THE vowel challenged tbsp. Cafe in Bayswater had us intrigued from the start.

Add a bustling mix of diners, interesting décor and the enticing mix of sweet and savoury aromas and the deal was sealed for my lunch partner and me.

The staff were quick to seat us and my mouth watered as I read through the diverse menu trying to make a decision.


All that drooling and pondering, came down to the black sesame pancake ($16) for me while my friend went with the brisket benedict ($23).

The restaurant was full, but the service fast and our food came out promptly.

The dishes were beautifully presented, and for a nano second we hesitated to destroy the symmetry, but hunger won out and we descended like a Mongol horde.


Maple syrup gave the dutch pancake a lovely peppery zing, while the crème fraîche, matcha crunch (a type of granola) and fresh fruit offered a delicious combination of sweetness and crunch.

However I would have liked a bit more substance to the pancake, which was so thin it was almost a crepe.

My partner was in awe of the slow cooked eggs on his brisket which spilled out over the toasted ciabatta, pulled beef and beer-braised onions to mix with the hollandaise sauce.

Shifting to our separate dessert stomachs we checked the sweet menu, where the pandan pound cake grabbed my eye with its bright green hue.


The colour comes from the pandan leaf which is used throughout Asia to flavour food, and feeling adventurous I gave it a go.

Besides, if food is green it must be healthy, right?

The description of a tropical flavoured sponge fired my imagination, but it tasted like the madeira cake I buy from the shop.

But as I love madeira cake, I devoured it with gusto.

My friend ordered the pandan doughnut, which he described as having a “delicious vanilla” flavour.

We still had room to share a coconut slice – a biscuit base with coconut cream – topped with coconut meringue.

Great food

You need to love coconut to enjoy this slice, and I do, so it was a win, win.

Great food, great staff and a great atmosphere, tbsp. is definitely worth another visit.


10 King William Street, Bayswater.
Tues- Thurs 7am-3pm
Sat & Sun 8am-3pm
9371 9334

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