Move on mayor

FORMER Perth councillor and ex-Vincent mayor Alannah MacTiernan slammed Perth council and its “beleaguered” lord mayor Lisa Scaffidi and her close allies on radio this week.

Incohesive and “bizarre” decision making had become routine at Perth council, she said on 6PR.

“There is evidence that the council is becoming increasingly dysfunctional and very strange decisions have been made to try to shut down debate.”

Last week councillors Jemma Green, Reece Harley and James Limnios tried to introduce another transparency reform, this time allowing councillors to speak their mind on city matters.

But Ms Scaffidi’s four staunchest allies—Jim Adamos, Janet Davidson, Judy McEvoy and Keith Yong— closed ranks to shut that down, with the support of Lily Chen who didn’t think the policy change was needed.

The motion came from Cr Green, who by convention should have moved it.

Instead Ms Scaffidi allowed Cr Davidson to move the motion, effectively denying Cr Green the right of introduction and reply.

“[It’s] a bizarre ruling to try to shut down and stop proper debate… that says to me there is something very wrong with this council,” Ms MacTiernan says.

“I have to say in 25 years of public life I’ve never heard of anything like this.”

Other council decisions also drew Ms MacTiernan’s fire including a proposal from council officers for 16 buildings to be placed on the city’s heritage register, including the Grand Central, owned by Ms Scaffidi and her husband Joe.

“All other 15 have been dealt with and placed on the municipal inventory,” Ms MacTiernan says.

Whilst on the planning committee Cr Harley was keen to see the 1903 building listed as per the staff and heritage consultant recommendation.

But recently the planning committee again deferred consideration at the September 13 meeting, despite staff saying they had all the information needed to list the building.

Ms MacTiernan called on new local government minister Paul Miles to step in and bring the matter to a conclusion, saying “It’s having an effect on the quality of governance in our capital city”.

Ms Scaffidi was a “breath of fresh air” when she first got in and she wouldn’t take away the good stuff she achieved in the early days, but now: “The lord mayor has become beleaguered by these processes going on for so long. Sensible sound decisions are not being made and the state government has to act”.

Mr Miles made clear to the Voice that it wasn’t his place to intervene in the court process that’s soon to hear the Scaffidi matter.

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