Oasis of yesteryear

MY companion and I had been heading elsewhere for lunch when the quaint Outram Cafe caught our eye. It is an oasis of a genteel yesteryear amid the sharp edges and bustle of West Perth’s business hub.

Located in an old house, the eatery is a tad Elizabethan with its white, stucco walls and black painted timber windows.

With so much to choose from on the menu it took us a while, but sitting in some rare September sunshine we were in no hurry and it was nice to watch others scurrying to their offices clutching a sandwich
or roll.


In the end we both went for the specials, for me the baked rankin cod with Asian salad and crispy noodles ($25) while my mate ordered the reuben sandwich ($19).

My cod was a hearty serve of perfectly cooked fish, with a particularly good chilli sauce drizzled over it. The cabbage and bean sprouts in the Asian salad were crisp and the dressing sharp and delicious, with a liberal sprinkling of peanuts, and the birds nest tangle of noodles added a pleasant crunch.

At first my mate struggled for words to describe her meal, which is highly unusual for her, but then she found her mojo declaring the corn beef tasty and tender: “It tastes good, and is a prime example of the New York classic. I could taste the horseradish, which was yum…the fennel seeds in the sauerkraut really spiced it up and the gherkins add a lovely sharpness.”


Still reluctant to head back to our busy lives we ordered coffee and cake, sharing a slice of house-made lime cheese cake and a coconut lime slice.


The cheesecake was deliciously creamy with pleasant lime punch that left the tongue refreshed and ready for more.

The coconut cake was tasty but a tad dry in comparison, but nothing the very fine coffee couldn’t help.



Outram Cafe
corner Outram and Ord Streets, West Perth
Mon–Fri 6.30am–3pm
9321 8806

TTH PVoice Advert 1016 953-a-fish-called-inglewood-10x3

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