Perth Heritage Days

THE eighth annual Perth Heritage Days are on this weekend with the theme; “Perth — How We Worked”.  Heritage Perth is running tours of historic places like Government House, the 1892 Palace Hotel, and the newly (and splendidly) restored Trades Hall on Beaufort Street which was done up when CFMEU moved in.


There’s even a talk on “Racist Furniture and White Australia, the Factories Act of 1904,” with historian Eddie Marcus recounting an era when every piece of furniture was required to declare whether it had been touched by “Asiatic” hands, and when Boans used to proudly advertise its furniture was made in East Perth with “100 per cent white labour”.

Everything across the two days is free, but they fill up fast so you’ll need to book at There were going to be a fleet of 18 vintage biplanes flying into Langley Park but unseasonal rains have made it too muddy to land.

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