Maylands buses a ‘disaster’

MAYLANDS’ main street will have a “bleak future” if it gets turned into a thoroughfare for buses, the Maylands Business Association warns.

The Public Transport Authority is looking into running a permanent bus route down Eighth Avenue between Whatley Crescent and Guildford Road, but the MBA says a trial has proven it will be an “unmitigated disaster”.

The MBA wants a pedestrian-friendly street “with large leafy trees and a slow, quiet environment”.

In a letter to the PTA, chair Michiel de Ruyter says the frequency of the buses during the trial has made that vision unworkable.

“This section of road is almost a quasi-mall with lots of pedestrians and very slow vehicles,” Mr de Ruyter wrote.

“This all changes when a bus drives within a few decimetres of pedestrians at 40kp/h or more.”

They also worry it’ll kill the burgeoning alfresco culture in the area since buses will be roaring past just a few feet from customers enjoying a morning coffee.

“Given the size, speed and shape of these buses, they create a significant headwind and when combined with noise and other pollution it basically destroys any chance of achieving a comfortable environment for patrons.”

The MBA’s collected 150 signatures so far in a petition against the route becoming permanent. A final call’s yet to be made and the trial’s intended to monitor passenger numbers to see if it’s viable long term.

There were similar concerns at Vincent council which opposed bus lanes along Beaufort Street, saying they would further cement Beaufort Street as a thoroughfare and not a destination. The PTA installed them anyway.



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