Stirling: Plan too heavy on the rail

STIRLING has suggested a few tweaks to the Barnett government’s transport plan for Perth.

The document lays out an overarching plan for handling the transport needs of 3.5 million people (Perth’s expected population by 2050), but Stirling reckons the transport department is too fixated on heavy underground rail and underestimates how many people will walk, cycle or catch light rail.

In a submission approved by council earlier this month, Stirling identified the Scarborough Beach Road activity corridor as the most significant urban regeneration project in Perth, and said a light rail system was essential if it’s to reach its potential.

The transport plan was vague on whether light rail or bus rapid transit was slated for Scarborough Beach Road, but Stirling made it clear buses would be noisy, polluting and limit development.

Its submission also called for the DoT to provide a specific timeline for the plan (it currently relies on population estimates instead of fixed dates) and include a more detailed cost analysis.

Director of planning Ross Povey acknowledged the plan as a key step forward for Perth, but criticised it for failing to integrate with other government planning documents.

“It does not work in harmony with the land use plans already developed by the state government”, Mr Povey said.

“The City of Stirling believes there must now be a significant engagement process with key stakeholders before the plans are finalised.”


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