Allowances changes mooted

A PUSH for Bayswater councillors to get allowances paid in arrears has been postponed until next year.

Cr Catherine Ehrhardt spearheaded the policy review, saying up-front payment wasn’t good for accountability, because councillors could resign before completing their term.

“I will not let money override my ethical principles,” Cr Ehrhardt said at a council meeting on Tuesday night.

“This method of payment is wrong. Name for me one profession, just one, whereby you would receive an entire year of money up front?”

Other councillors agreed in principle, but some thought the timing was wrong because they had accounted for money coming in.

A new motion proposed by Cr Brent Fleeton foreshadowed quarterly payment in arrears being enforced from January 2018.

“I’m very happy that it has been adopted even though it is later than I would have like. I think it’s a fabulous step towards good governance at the City of Bayswater,” Cr Ehrhardt said.

The range of allowances payable to elected members is determined by the salaries and allowances tribunal.


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