LETTERS 29.10.16


No buses on Eighth, please
DEAR Lord, who has these brain(dead) waves about our public transport?
Please, keep buses out of that one-block strip of Eighth Ave in Maylands, and pretty please, don’t close Meltham station or any of the other sidings that serve us all so well along that stretch of railway line.
We may have to link hands and form human chains across the street and the tracks if the departments who are supposed to be serving us insist on thwarting us!
Do any of ‘em actually live, shop or catch public transport in this area? One wonders.
Cate Jennings
Dundas Rd, Inglewood

REG HOWARD-SMITH (“Miners are Contributors”, Voice letters, October 15, 2016) is making an untrue claim when he suggests that the City of Vincent will lose money with its new divestment from fossil fuels policy.
The figure he quotes would only have applied if full divestment had been undertaken.
This was not the motion that was passed.
The passed motion preferences the fossil fuel free bank if the rate and risk are roughly equal.
So when investing, if two banks have roughly the same interest rate and similar risk then the fossil fuel-free option is chosen.
The climate has changed: floods, heatwaves and droughts are all increasing.
The ocean is rising, warming and acidifying, which has contributed to the bleaching of 93 per cent of the Great Barrier Reef this year.
Bushfire season has increased by 19 per cent since 1979.
People are suffering. The science tells us that we already have enough carbon in currently producing fossil fuel sources to blow the 2 degree target set in Paris.
We have to transition fast if we are to protect the planet for our children and grandchildren.
I commend the City of Vincent for taking a stance for future generations
Michael Fabiankovits
350.org Perth director

Scare campaign
WHILE I respect the Perth Voice’s openness to publishing opposing opinions, I’m disappointed to see blatant and misleading scaremongering.
If Mr Howard-Smith (“Miners are contributors,” Voice letters, October 15, 2016) had taken the time to read the City of Vincent’s amendment to the investment policy he would know it clearly protects the return of ratepayers by ensuring that “preference is to be given to investments with institutions that have been assessed to have a higher rating of demonstrated social and environmental responsibility, providing that doing so will secure a rate of return that is at least equal to alternatives offered by other institutions”.
As well as this, there is no evidence that preferencing non-fossil fuel investments actually gives a lower return.
The City of Stirling have had 70 per cent of their finances invested in non-fossil fuel banks for more than 10 years because it has given a better return.
They only recently solidified this by enacting official policy.
There’s no doubt that the resources industry has provided employment and opportunity for our state, but now it’s directly threatening not only livelihoods but human lives.
The future of our children and grandchildren should be more important than profitable dividends.
Jessica Topping
Smith Street, Highgate

Puffed up
I AM compelled to take issue with the ALP pre-selected candidate, John Carey, in the upcoming state election receiving prominent, almost weekly, coverage in Perth Voice.
The quality of the stories could be best described as puff pieces to bolster name and party recognition only six months out from the election.
To condemn the coverage further there is little or no mention of the incumbent Liberal member for Perth in the State parliament, Eleni Evangel.
I appreciate that legislated even-handed reporting and coverage comes into effect only when the writs are issued by the governor, but your distribution area covers most of the electoral boundary for the seat of Perth and as such one would expect some semblance of balanced reporting outside of that period.
For the record this correspondent has been well known at an East Perth polling booth supporting Labor candidates for two decades.
T J Maller
Goderich Street, East Perth
The Ed says: We checked over the last six months of coverage, and while Mr Carey’s name popped up more than twice as often as Ms Evangel’s, it was almost exclusively to do with his role as the mayor of Vincent and rarely touched on state issues. He’s the mayor, ratepayers want to know what he’s doing.

Suffering you
Why does everyone else and the environment have to suffer for the benefit of the shareholders.
Why must everything revolve around the shareholding scum. Yes, the mum and dad shareholding scum included. You know who you are.
Brad Capes


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