Law firm seeks bankruptcy for former mayor

AFTER three stints as Bayswater mayor and 23 years as a councillor, Terry Kenyon is facing bankruptcy proceedings in the federal court.

Lavan Legal has applied to have Cr Kenyon, a freeman of the city, declared bankrupt over bills he incurred while suing fellow councillors Mike Anderton and Mike Sabatino for defamation.

If the law firm is successful, Cr Kenyon would have to resign from council, triggering an extraordinary election.

Lavan launched legal action against Cr Kenyon in 2013, claiming he owed $324,767, and filed a creditors petition against him in July this year.

A hearing, originally scheduled for August, was adjourned to October and then again to November 14.

To add to Cr Kenyon’s woes, he is being sued by Cr Alan Radford over unpaid invoices and the repayment of a personal loan.

Cr Kenyon, 62, has enjoyed stints as mayor in 2001-2005, 2005-2007 and 2009-2013.

During his tenure he oversaw the building of The Maylands RISE, and the WA Ballet Centre on Whatley Crescent.

In 2013, after serving as a councillor for 20 years, he was made freeman of the city. The accolade means he can attend civic functions for life.

Lavan declined to comment and Cr Kenyon didn’t return our call.



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