Paved paradise?

A COMMUNITY rallying to save a parking lot is odd, but residents and businesses around Haig Park Circle in East Perth say a 60-apartment high-rise development will negatively affect the area.

Business owners say without the 50-bay car park the’ll suffer, as street parking’s limited and customers will head elsewhere, while residents fear more cars clogging the narrow streets.

Perth council reckons there’s a nearby multi-storey car park to fill the void, but Nuvo Hair Studio proprietor Michael Hinkley says it’s too far away. “I’m against the apartments being built, not just from a structural point of view … but also because the car-parking spaces for the general public are just ridiculous as it is,” he said.

• Resident Paul Griffin with business owners Ursula Rose and Michael Hinkley. Photo by Steve Grant

• Resident Paul Griffin with business owners Ursula Rose and Michael Hinkley. Photo by Steve Grant

The hairdresser pays $1000 a month for three bays in the existing Wilson Parking-run lot, which resident Paul Griffin calculates as requiring two days’ worth of haircuts to pay for.

Mr Griffin has dubbed the proposal “Taj on Claisebrook” because he reckons a looming apartment glut will see the development empty and needing to be pulled down like the Owsald mansion in Peppermint Grove.

“People are putting their names down for apartments and reneging … there’s heaps of apartments and we don’t need any more,” he said.

Three concept plans for the site have been released, ranging from 8 to 14 storeys, and the council is considering whether to remove a covenant aimed at ensuring it remains a car park.

Consultation is open until November 7.


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