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Almost 40% of first home buyers who purchased within the last two years have admitted they couldn’t buy where they wanted. Furthermore, nearly 30% have had to save for a number of years to accumulate enough of a deposit to be able to buy their first home.
According to data from CoreLogic, property prices have risen substantially over the last few years, with dwelling values climbing 7.1% across the combined capital cities over the last 12 months alone. This has added even more pressure on buyers keen to buy their first home and get into the property market.
“Not only are property prices rising across most capital cities, but all of the states have now removed the first home buyer grant for those wishing to purchase an established dwelling. From our data, we understand that more than 80% of first home buyers will look to purchase an established dwelling, meaning the vast majority of first-timers will not receive any type of government financial incentive,” said Ruth Hatherley, from Mortgage Choice Perth.
Ms Hatherley suggested that first home buyers need to explore the option of including a guarantor in a first home buyer application.
“While guarantor loans have been around for a while, they’ve recently undergone a surge in popularity, as the property market becomes more difficult for first home buyers to break into.  As such, many first home buyers may not even be aware that guarantor loans exist. A guarantor is a third party, usually a parent, who provides additional security to assist the applicant obtain the loan. Guarantors can also help first home buyers avoid paying potentially costly lenders mortgage insurance.”
While there many advantages to this type of arrangement, Ms Hatherley said there are also some risks that both first home buyers and guarantors need to be aware of, so it’s important to speak to a mortgage professional to ensure both parties are comfortable with their obligations and responsibilities.
“It’s understandable that some first home buyers might find it uncomfortable to ask a parent to go guarantor on their loan, but given the benefits associated with this type of loan structure, it could very well get them into the property market much sooner,”  Ms Hatherley said.
Contact Mortgage Choice in Perth on 9485  0090 to discuss your finance today.


Expand Your Horizons
Travel expands your horizons and gives you the opportunity to experience unique cultures. It enriches your life, while contributing to the financial prosperity of the local communities you visit. Orbit World Travel’s expert team has a passion for travel like no other. They have experienced the extraordinary, the amazing and the remarkable, and would love to give you the opportunity to do so too!
Orbit’s trusted travel advisers specialise in high end travel, maximising the value of your trip with customised itineraries, exclusive pricing and additional perks. Gain valuable inside knowledge, such as which café or restaurant to dine at when in Rome, or which chateau in the South of France to visit. Orbit’s specialists will send you on a journey of discovery!
It’s this expertise that sets Orbit apart – you just can’t get this from a website! From the moment you engage in conversation you’ll become aware that they will listen and advise to create the perfect itinerary for you. From your very first booking, it’s Orbit’s aim to keep you as a lifelong client.
Here’s what one of our clients had to say: “Hi Teresa, We had a fabulous trip – thank you! You got us great seats on the flight and we loved the Langham in Hong Kong! The staff at the Langham are exceptional – so warm, welcoming, professional, accommodating. The pool is wonderful! We are looking forward to Colombo – another great trip you have planned for us!” Rachel Tham, Melbourne
Plan your next dream holiday with Orbit Travel. Call Teresa Mason on 9221 2133


Our Focus is on You
Beaufort Realty is a progressive, independent real estate company led by Pam Herron, Christine Kirkness, Jon Adams and Donna Buckovska, who share almost 100 years of real estate experience.
“At Beaufort Realty, we believe the process of selling, investing, renting or buying a property should always be a positive experience. And that’s what we aim to achieve for every client,” says Pam Herron.
“Our services are similar to those of other real estate companies, but it’s the way we deliver these services that sets us apart. We have deliberately shifted away from the ‘large multi-office’ mentality in favour of a more personal, hands-on approach. Instead of following a mould, we do things the way we believe they should be done and strive to set new standards of excellence.”
“Whether it’s selling, leasing, or providing general advice, our primary focus is always on our client.  Just like our clients, we value professionalism, ethics and quality service. Everything we do, including our marketing materials, our house inspections and our interactions with people reflect these values and our vision of being the best at what we do.”
“We’re proud of our commitment to achieving the best results for our clients and will continuously monitor our performance to ensure that we exceed expectations for service and results.”
Beaufort Realty
580 Beaufort Street, Mount Lawley
Phone 9227 0887


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