Dan Murphy’s ruling delayed until next year

MAYLANDS residents will have to wait a little longer to find out if their four-year battle to stop a Dan Murphy’s liqour outlet on Railway Parade has been successful.

The WA Supreme Court was due to rule on Woolworth’s appeal for a liquor licence this month, but it has deferred the decision to early next year, blaming a busy court schedule.

It was a disappointing anti-climax for locals opposed to the 1117sqm liquor store, but Maylands Labor MP Lisa Baker says they will regroup in January and appeal the decision if it doesn’t go their way.

“The community does not need or want another liquor store of this size and nature in this residential area,” she says.

Cheap alcohol

“This giant booze retailer promotes itself as selling at the ‘lowest price’ and claims to ‘beat any price’.

“The department of health and WA Police agree that access to cheap alcohol on offer by the Dan Murphy’s will exacerbate the issues of crime and street drinking that business owners and residents have been working hard to stamp out.

“In February the WA liquor commission agreed with the community and rejected the liquor licensing application made by the ALH group, including the Dan Murphy’s liquor store, by a majority decision.”



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