D’Orazios float buffer option

THE family of former mayor John D’Orazio has offered to compromise over a controversial development next to a Bayswater wetlands, giving up a 4.5m buffer and 30sqm of land by redesigning access roads.

But the offer wasn’t enough for Bayswater councillors who rejected it 8/3 for a variety of reasons, including community opposition, the fact a 10-metre buffer had previously been sought and because it involved a legal agreement the city could not sign up to.

Last week Greg D’Orazio, son of late Bayswater mayor John, predicted the knock-back when he broke his silence over the issue on the Bayswater Urban Tree Network’s Facebook page.

“[This] “compromise is coming from a family that is already approved on this site. But my bet is that council … will reject this offer!!

”Unfortunately we have tried to work with them but I don’t believe the council officers are qualified or knowledgable enough on a development of this type and will be found wanting again.”

Mr D’Orazio complained that environmental groups and residents opposed to the development hadn’t contacted his family to get its side of the story.

“We’ve watched as you’ve managed to contact every government department with no joy, accuse us of wrong-doing, breaking the law, dirty underhanded tactics. But yet every department says we comply! Why? Because we do!” Mr D’Orazio wrote.

“Every step has been by the book, by the letter of the law!

“Yes, I understand it hasn’t been to everyone’s taste but it’s still by the book. I can’t sit here any longer silently and watch councillors deflect every bit of blame to everyone else but themselves!

Three deputations

“I personally pleaded in numerous phone calls to every councillor, emailed every councillor countless times, went through three deputations trying to get them to work with us knowing the sensitivity of the site.

“I’ve lived on this land for 20 years, my family since 1955 and they still do!

“Instead we got an arrogant response from council,” he says, referring to a majority of councillors opposing the development going ahead.

Mr D’Orazio said the family’s compromise came despite having approval to go ahead once subdivision conditions had been met.

Councillors voted to fund a specialist consultant to work out alternatives and keep negotiating with the D’Orazios.



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