Getting down to business

URBAN style, hipster lifestyle and street art seems to be what all the cool kids are doing these days and this Somerville house defines that in a building.

A property with many talents, it can be used as a home, an office, or both.

Built to mimic a warehouse conversion, the owners were hoping to live upstairs and work downstairs, but as the business grew so did the demand for space and eventually they kicked themselves out.


The high ceilings, concrete floors, brick walls, large floor-to-ceiling windows throughout and wide concrete staircase give the sense of a warehouse’s open space.

Two large rooms downstairs are perfect for showrooms or workspaces, but could easily convert into large bedrooms with natural light from the small windows which lead to an upstairs courtyard.

Hidden treasure

A large powder room, with disability access, is a hidden treasure down the back.

An inbuilt kitchenette along the hallway comes with cupboards, a sink and room for a coffee machine — bingo, perfect for that creative business you’ve had brewing in the back of your mind.

A small courtyard lines the hallway to bring natural light into the lower floor.


The first thing you see at the top of the stairs is a beautiful and inviting outdoor courtyard where you can sit and enjoy the sunshine.

A large bathroom and storage area are the only upstairs rooms with doors; the rest is an open book, allowing the owners to experiment and put their interior design and architectural skills to the test.

The kitchen is inbuilt like the smaller one downstairs, and although it isn’t huge, it frees up space in the rest of the open area. It’s being used as a large office at the moment but could easily be a dining/lounge area or a massive games room if that’s your style.

A beautifully tiled balcony looks out onto the city centre and across Somerville Street, which is becoming the cool and hip place to be.


Double double parking

With double parking out the front and back, you can even have some pals over without blocking the street.

Somerville Street and the Claisebrook precinct is expanding to become a beautiful neighbourhood to live in with many warehouses being converted to residential spaces and lots of impressive graffiti art on the walls — not sure if that is 100% legal but it gives the area a good vibe.

With the property located next door to a peaceful park and close to new cafes, fitness studios and public transport, this is the ideal area to live without the hustle and bustle of the CBD.



8 Somerville Street, Perth
Craig Boyanich
0433 926 283
Rayner Real Estate
9427 8888

Media Schedule Xmas 2016

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