LETTERS: 12.11.16


Lightning rod of angst
OVER the last couple of months the Voice has written about the Skipper’s Row wetland destruction, including the removal of 40 to 60 paperbark trees.
This reporting has grasped the “lightning rod” of community angst. What have the regulators (for the town planning side the WAPC and City of Bayswater and for the environment the EPA and department of water) been doing?
Asleep at the wheel, or worse, consciously negligent.
The decision to not renew the Bayswater CEO’s contract was an outcome (or was it? So far there’s zero transparency).
The photo of City of Bayswater councillor Michelle Sutherland’s husband [Mt Lawley MLA Michael Sutherland] handing over $90,000 of state government money for Banks reserve on the Swan River foreshore again highlights planning failure, with the simplistic notion that “a $2 million injection into the Swan and Canning river foreshores“ will solve the problems [“Money in the bank,” Voice, September 3, 2016).
Giving with one hand and taking with the other.
It should be noted Cr Sutherland voted for the D’Orazio-led Skipper’s
Row wetland destruction in King William Street, Bayswater.
And the city is going to erect a sculpture to honour D’Orazio’s contribution to the City?
Greg Smith
Rose Avenue, Bayswater

More to the fluoride story
I APPLAUD Peter Abetz for his courage in writing to the West about the dangers of fluoride.
However commendable his effort, it is only part of the story. Former dentist EA Adler then tried to dazzle us with scientific terms as his way of attempting to “prove” that ingested fluoride is beneficial.
Sodium fluoride and fluorosilicic acid are both industrial waste products that are very expensive to dispose of. These fluoride waste products were first sold as insecticide and rat poison in the 1920s, but weren’t being disposed of fast enough. Perhaps Mr Adler’s “research” played a role in WA’s efforts to justify fluoridation?
In 1954, the National Health and Medical Research Council rejected nationwide fluoridation of public drinking water, due to concerns that the high rate of tea consumption was already a source of fluorine. In the 1970s Australian scientist Dr John Yiamouyiannis showed that fluoridation can cause high rates of cancer.
In the March 2014 issue of The Lancet Neurology, the authors of one study revealed that fluoride is a neurotoxin equal to arsenic, lead, and mercury. They concluded that “untested chemicals should not be presumed to be safe”.
Fluoride is neurotoxic, calcium-depleting, and carcinogenic. Most people don’t have any idea of the level of fluoride they are taking in, so it’s no wonder the elderly have fragile skeletal structures.
It’s a pity Mr Adler didn’t learn about another dentist of the time, Dr Weston Price, who discovered that dental caries is primarily found in those with high sugar diets and/or diets with a deficiency of vitamins A, D3, and K2. It’s certainly not a deficiency of toxic fluoride.
Tad Krysiak
Tasman Street, Mt Hawthorn/ Glendalough 

Uncaring about those who care
I RECEIVED a letter from “multicultural services” where my elderly mother attends a couple of times a week in Farmer Street, North Perth, telling us that because of the mean-spirited attitude and downright non-caring approach by City of Vincent, this highly professional and genuinely caring facility for the elderly will no longer be available to my mother and a lot of other elderly residents of Vincent.
They have been sitting on their hands on the issue of the redevelopment of this facility for years and have made no contribution whatsoever.
It’s obvious there is another reason why they are moving them out.
If this is the case, you should all hang your “private party” and “lazy junket” heads in shame.
One day you also will need centres like this and I hope they close the door in your faces.
This centre allows carers the opportunity to have a break.
The clients also show great enjoyment when attending the centre.
The alternative is to go to Morley.
This would obviously increase costs but, more importantly, people will not go and the ones that do will no longer have their friends with them.
So to the Town of Vincent or the new money-wasted version “City of Vincent” I say “well done” … still, I suppose you can probably run up another dangerous, underused bike lane like the one on Scarborough Bach Road.
Perhaps even some imbecilic road humps as well. Oh, sorry, you have already done that.
Just don’t forget, the elderly and their carers also vote.
Larry Arrigoni
Loftus Street, North Perth


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