Centre plan stalls

THE Multicultural Services Centre WA is planning to move its wellness centre in North Perth to Morley.

MSCWA wanted to move the centre from an existing council-owned building on Woodville Reserve to a bigger one it was planning to build, but negotiations with Vincent council have broken down and it’s now looking to buy elsewhere.

Last week letters were sent to users of the facility, who are mainly the elderly and disabled and their families, seeking their feedback on the move.

“… unfortunately the City of Vincent is yet to grant us a building permit for the $1.3 million building that we proposed,” MSCWA’s letter states.

“They also advised us that at the end of 15 years we have to give them full ownership of this building despite no contributions from them and they will not guarantee us the opportunity to continue the services we deliver, even if there is a continuing need for them.”

Vincent CEO Len Kosova says the city was prompt in dealing with MSCWA’s request and had tried to facilitate the redevelopment. In-principle support for the development was given in June.

Mr Kosova says the lease length could have been discussed further when the item came back to the council.

Another sticking point is that the new development affects vehicle traffic to the tennis club on the park and no one wants to pay to fix the problem.

Not supported

“The city advised that those costs would not be supported as the changes to the existing vehicle access are a result of MSCWA’s proposed development,” Mr Kosova says.

“The city is … not forcing MSCWA off Woodville Reserve — quite the opposite in fact — the city has been actively working with MSCWA in line with council’s in-principle support for the proposed wellness centre development,” he said in response to one user’s claim in a letter to the Voice last week.

“One day you [Vincent] also will need centres like this and I hope they close the door in your faces,” Larry Arrigoni had written (“Uncaring about those who care,” November 12, 2016).

Mr Kosova says it was “unfair and untrue” to claim the city didn’t support its older residents and the multi-cultural community and that any move was entirely the decision of the multicultural association.

The multicultural centre was contacted but did not return calls.



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